About Balinese Tropical Garden Designer


Ketut Suratman, is a balinese landscape designer and has involved in a large architectural projects like residences, villas, hotel in indonesia and others country.

Ketut grew up with a passion for plants, but when he started out 15 years ago, he had very little capital. 'In those days the jungle gave me more than half my stock,' he says. These days he has over a hundred people working for him - nurserymen, gardeners, supervisors, stone masons and carvers - along with a long client list that includes Indonesia's ex-president, Megawati, and a growing reputation for using wood, water, plants and stone to call up the rugged, elemental power of Bali's ancient culture and weave a sense of mystery back into sites that have lost something of their soul. Landscape design isn't just about plants, or colour, or stone. It's also about creat- ing energy. And that energy doesn't so much come from the individual elements as from the wholeness of the garden, the way each element relates to the others, and the way the garden relates to the land around it. In Balinese we call iliat energy, that power, taksu.' His recent gardens embody that feeling and power.